The Habit BreakThrough Course
“It’s time to develop the YOU that you’ve always known possible” 
Embed Habits in fitness & health, emotional well-being, relationships, business, productivity, community development, parenting, leadership, wealth or developing a purposeful career or an eco-lifestyle
The Habit BreakThrough Course
“It’s time to develop the YOU that you’ve always known possible” 
Embed Habits in fitness & health, emotional well-being, relationships, business, productivity, community impact, parenting, purposeful career, leadership, wealth or developing an eco-lifestyle

In this free 4-part course, I'm going to show you...

How habits are key to building the 'best you' and a new hopeful future for you & those you care about

Taking the best of ancient teaching about habits and mixing it with the latest neuroscience, we're going to explore the art & the science of 'Habit BreakThrough'

How to push through the repeated failure you've had trying to develop the great habits you've always wanted

You're going to get real and get painfully honest about your progress so far - what are the causes of continued failure? What's really going on to distract you from becoming the 'best you'?

How to find the focus, the inspiration and the energy you need to make BreakThrough work

What is the Habit BreakThrough infrastructure we need around our growth in order to maximise chances for embedding habits?

Yes, I want Steve to teach me more about Habit BreakThrough

From our Senior Habits Coach, Steve Jones

‘Hi, I’m Steve Jones and I’ve been professionally helping people with Habit BreakThrough for over 30 years, at various times as a coach, mentor, trainer, speaker, lecturer, ‘pastor’ and business leader. I’ve personally broken through to form a number of ‘Habit Stacks’ in my own life including the habits needed to help me become an Ironman Triathlete; nurture 4 flourishing young Joneses; gain various degrees including becoming a PhD student; start 8 businesses, social enterprises and charities; develop an eco-lifestyle (no or low carbon, plastic and waste); build a long-term faithful and fulfilling relationship with my partner of 27 years and basically ‘live the dream’… with weekends on the beach, working anywhere I want and impacting the world around me in positive ways.’

“Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny.”

Steven Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

'Steve is a fabulous coach and trainer. Reliable and inspirational.'
Joe Fisher
Joe is a renowned Public Speaker & TV Presenter – Tour de France, Tour of Britain, Olympic Stadium Presenter, This Morning Live & performed at Royal Albert Hall.
'Steve has a rare ability to connect with all kinds of people, no matter what level they operate at professionally; their age; or their background, in terms of coaching and training. Confident, intelligent; personable, and with a great presenting style, Steve is able to help individuals and organisations move closer to their aims.'
Harvey Fryer
Designer, Ministry of Justice. UK

Great Habits will...*

  • Help you live a longer & more fulfilled life
  • Put you in the right place to build a life of significance and prosperity
  • Earn you more money as people see you as trustworthy & reliable
  • Increase your resilience against picking up unhelpful habits & actions that spiral us downward
  • Prove to be the key to all your success and the source of all good things we find in the world - habits are that important !
  • Help you build the quality relationships that support the growth of a business, the founding of a family or the nurturing of a community or movement.
  • The Course is packed with life-changing tips
  • Steve will be sharing from 30 years of experience in 4 sessions
  • From the comfort of your own home & using your own device
  • Start building the life and character you have always dreamed

*all of the ‘Great Habits will….” facts have been thoroughly studied and documented by sports & nutrition scientists, psychologists, business experts, medical professionals, historians, futurists and other reputable researchers.

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